Thursday, 17 February 2011

Fashion week invites

I was very pleased to find these London fashion week invites in my mailbox this morning! But, since I'm going to Stockholm this weekend I can't go to all of them.. I come back to London on Sunday, but I won't make it to Charlie Le Mindu's show. If my flight arrived half an hour earlier I would.. It's heartbreaking! I love love love him!

And YES, my hair is yellow now!

I just had to release my inner Bart Simpson..


  1. You have really good working I like it, I have also some information of Fashion

  2. fy fan vad snygg du är i gult! nu vill jag med ha det. puss /twin

  3. Can I have your invites?? It would be sad to see them go to waste!

    This is Sian from Tatty Devine btw. I'm sorry I missed you at Fashion Week. I was there today!

    (seriously can I have them?)

  4. Hi Sian!! Sorry already gave them to someone else :( xxx