Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Friday, 25 October 2013

Dinosaur collar

Sliced up some dinosaurs

Let them rest on my face

And put them on a collar!

(Made some extra collars if anyone is interested in buying!)

Jasmine Kara - Paralyzed

I made this strap dress for Jasmine Kara and here she's wearing it on the cover of her single 'Paralyzed'.


What's on my head?

Mini playing cards!

Jasmine in hair bolero

Swedish singer Jasmine Kara in a hair bolero made by me, as seen in her 'Can't lie to me' music video.

Styling by me.

Hello again

Just realized that I haven't posted here in over a year.. Crazy!! I don't really like the blog format and would rather have a kind of portfolio website, but until then I'll try to post things here if I remember. In the following blogposts you'll see some of the things I've been doing lately.

This is me in one of my boobie hats, it's been like two years since I made it but I don't think I posted a picture of it yet.

Picture by Pandoras Thoughts.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

LADY GAGA and the Nipple tassel glasses.

I was at Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball in Globen, Stockholm on the 30th of August. Me and my friends had queued in 11 hours to get in to the Monster pit, the section closest to the stage. I ended up standing 2nd row.

When she sat down right in front of me between two songs people started throwing gifts at her, and so did I. I threw her a pair of nipple tassel glasses that I had made. She tried them on, said they were nice, and she invited me to come backstage with her after the show.

I was happy to be chosen by her as she only picked 7-8 people out of thousands of people who were there to watch her perform. Right after the show I walked up to the security guards and asked how I could get backstage. Unfortunately they didn't let me go backstage as they said I was suppose to have a backstage bracelet that someone should have given to me but never did. So I never went backstage, which kind of sucks. It would have been amazing to meet her and talk to her. But I'm glad she liked the glasses!

These pictures are screenprints from a video I found on youtube, so they're not the best quality. Here is a better shot of the glasses. My friend Anti is wearing them in the queue while waiting for Gaga.

And here's the video from which I got the pictures. I'm screaming like a crazy person, haha. Starts from 6:05.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

SORBET magazine.

Interview with me in SORBET magazine. PS. I'm not the call girl ;)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Patriarkatet dödar.

(This post is probably more interesting for my swedish readers, so it will be in swedish. There's an english translation in the end.)

Det är viktigt att varna för det som är farligt. Därför har jag tryckt tygkassar med varningstexter som varnar för patriarkatet, i samma stil som cigarettpaketens varningstexter. Dessa finns i 5 varianter med texterna:

-Patriarkatet dödar.
-Skydda barnen. Låt dem inte utsättas för patriarkatet.
-Patriarkatet skadar allvarligt dig själv och personer i din omgivning.
-Patriarkatet orsakar dödlig samhällscancer.
-Patriarkatet leder till en lång och smärtsam död.

Tygkassarna är av bomull, de är ekologiska och fairtrade. De är 33x40cm. Handtagen/axelbanden är 65 cm långa. 150 kr! För att köpa maila mig på PS. Kolla in min nya blogg:

Translation: I'm selling bags that I have printed. There are 5 different prints that looks like the cigarette warning signs. These are in swedish and I have replaced 'Smoking' with 'Patriarchy'. I've printed: 'Patriarchy kills.', 'Patriarchy seriously harms you and others around you', 'Patriarchy will cause a slow and painful death.', 'Protect children: do not expose them to patriarchy.' & 'Patriarchy causes society cancer.'. The bags I have printed on are organic and fairtrade. Might make these in english versions as well if anyone would be interested.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ondine Goldswain - Imaginary friend

My friend the amazing photographer Ondine Goldswain used some of my clothes in one of her recent shoots. You can see all of the pictures on her website, and here are some of them:

Photographer: Ondine Goldswain
Stylist: Indigo Goss
Makeup Artist: Siobhan Drew
Hair Stylist: Yoshi Yamamoto
Model: Kathleen O from M±P Models
Clothing:  Goldie LondonSara ArnesenWe Are Handsome