Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Monopoly sneakers.

My flatmate works at a shop that opened recently, and apart from their usual range of clothes they sell random things that the previous store owner left behind.. This is where we got our Bambi phone, and it's where I found these sneakers today! They were screaming my name and I had to buy them. How could I not, they were only £15 (and brand new)! 

I used to play monopoly a lot when I was a kid. It was always fun for about 10 minutes, until my brother started to accuse me of cheating (which I didn't) and we ended up having a big fight. Every time. (OK, I might have cheated like once..but that's it!) Anyway, love these shoes!!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Charlie Le Mindu after party.

I missed Charlie Le Mindu's fashion show on sunday, but luckily I have a friend who is interning for Charlie, so I got in to the after party! With too many pictures to upload, I made an all-in-one video instead!

Vivienne Westwood Red Label RTW AW11

I came back from Stockholm on Sunday, just had enough time to go home, drop of my bags and then leave again. I went to the Royal Courts of Justice where Vivienne Westwood showed her Red Label AW2011 collection.

Really liked the venue & the clothes and styling were amazing as usual. I especially LOVED the crowns made from hair.. My camera worked better this time, and i managed to squeeze in to a pretty got spot. I stood in the front, just behind the second row..

Had to go trough metal detectors before we could enter the show!
I met the lovely Sasha Rainbow in the queue.

This is my favourite look!

How cool is her smile?!

After the show I went to Charlie Le Mindu's afterparty. Pics coming soon...

Meeting with Sisters in Stockholm

I arrived late on friday night, and Stockholm greeted me with -18 degrees! As I didn't bring my winter coat, I had to wear layer upon layer upon layer to save myself from freezing to death. On Saturday I met up with the people from Sisters, and the other 14 designers who made it through...
Tomas & Anders from Studio Total, Sisters PR agency.

We're going to design one garment each, and then produce a small number ourselves. So they're going to be limited edition! The garments will be sold in some of the stores around Sweden, but, there will images of the designs displayed in all 55 Sister stores.. The press show is on the 15th of April, so it's all happening rather soon!

Some of the other designers..

Milk & Champagne, my favourite mix!

Elin was going to host a ghetto party later that evening, hence these amazing colours! She works as a design assistant at JC, which is where her rings are from. After we finished I went straight there and bougth myself the wolf ring! (Which you can't see properly in this pic, but I'll show you soon!)

I don't think I'll be getting much sleep in the next couple of months, with this, school work and the fashion show I'm planning with my friends. But it's excessively exciting all the same, so all definitely worth it!