Sunday, 2 September 2012

LADY GAGA and the Nipple tassel glasses.

I was at Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball in Globen, Stockholm on the 30th of August. Me and my friends had queued in 11 hours to get in to the Monster pit, the section closest to the stage. I ended up standing 2nd row.

When she sat down right in front of me between two songs people started throwing gifts at her, and so did I. I threw her a pair of nipple tassel glasses that I had made. She tried them on, said they were nice, and she invited me to come backstage with her after the show.

I was happy to be chosen by her as she only picked 7-8 people out of thousands of people who were there to watch her perform. Right after the show I walked up to the security guards and asked how I could get backstage. Unfortunately they didn't let me go backstage as they said I was suppose to have a backstage bracelet that someone should have given to me but never did. So I never went backstage, which kind of sucks. It would have been amazing to meet her and talk to her. But I'm glad she liked the glasses!

These pictures are screenprints from a video I found on youtube, so they're not the best quality. Here is a better shot of the glasses. My friend Anti is wearing them in the queue while waiting for Gaga.

And here's the video from which I got the pictures. I'm screaming like a crazy person, haha. Starts from 6:05.


  1. You're creepy, YEET

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