Monday, 12 July 2010

Vote for me

I am participating in a design competition online. Whoever gets the most votes wins so I would be super happy if as many people as possible can sign up and vote for my designs! There are two different competitions at the same site, so please make sure you vote for both. One is called "Open Brief" & one is called "The LBD".

Go here for 'Open brief' and here for 'The LBD',sign up at the website & vote!

 The LBD


If the links don't work; go to, then go to "vote" and open both "open brief" & "the lbd", and there, under my name Sara Arnesen, you will find my designs.

I didn't hear about the competitions until a few days ago, which is why I did not have time to design new dresses. These are both from a collection I made for The Cutters Academy fashion show last year. I came up with the designs at a time when I was thinking a lot about what I would to do in the future, which is why the garments in the collection consists of sharp edges, all of them pointing at different ways to go. I actually don't have pictures of the entire collection, but I'm planning a photoshoot, with all of the garments, in the near future!

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